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Business Green


BusinessGreen's mission is to help enable the transition to a low carbon economy by providing senior business leaders, policy makers, and sustainability executives with the information and analysis they need to drive successful green initiatives.BusinessGreen provides up-to-the-minute business news and opinion on the green innovations and technologies that can help firms cut costs, reduce long term risks, and realise the commercial opportunities the low carbon economy offers.
This app contains the latest cutting-edge news and analysis from BusinessGreen to keep users up to speed on the latest changes to regulation and market practices, while being designed to optimise tablet and smartphone functionality.
Like the highly successful BusinessGreen website, this easy to navigate app gets updated throughout the day, but also gives customers the ability to view articles offline, save and share favourite stories, and customise the type of content they receive.
As the need for companies to assess and reduce their carbon footprints and impact on the environment increases, so does the need for a vital source that provides a hard-headed business approach to environmental issues. Considerations of environmental responsibility now impact everything from customer satisfaction to staff retention, the award of contracts to stock market valuations – BusinessGreen helps companies compete in this fast-changing economy.